Research OPD


The patients related to various psycological and behavioral disorders are effectively managed by means of traditional ayurvedic treatment. A continues efforts are put forward by the experts in the field of Manasaroga for management and rehabilitation of the patients in the society.


The couples suffering from difficulty in conception are been effectively managed by Ayurvedic line of treatment with encouraging success rate.


Psoriasis is a prevailing skin condition in varying extent affecting many people. We provide a unique treatment schedule through experts both in OPD & IPD levels. Our treatment consists of Snehapana (taking medicated ghee), Abhayanga (oil massage), Swedan (medicated steam bath), Vamana & Virechana (Detoxification therapy), Lepana (application of ointments) and Pathya (diet regime) based on the condition & stage of the disease.


Obesity being a burning problem this OPD is receiving tremendous response. Various Ayurvedic specialized Ayurvedic procedures are being adopted in the treatment protocol along with expert guidance in dietetics and Yoga. Advices regarding healthy life style are being propagated.


Low Back Ache & Sciatica are among the commonest problems of the current society where Ayurvedic medication along with life style modification provides long term benefits to the patients. Appropriate Panchakarma procedure along with physiotherapy and yoga is being advocated to the patients for prompt relief.

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