1. Abhyanga:
Procedure – It is a pre Panchakarma procedure involving massage of whole body is done with medicated oils. The procedure is indicated in painful conditions of body, paralysis, arthritis etc and also for maintaining body strength and vitality in healthy persons.
2. Udvartana:
Procedure – It is a Panchakarma procedure where medicated powders are used for massage of whole body. It is indicated in obesity, paralysis, neuropathy, myopathy etc.
3. Shirodhara:
Procedure – it is a Panchakarma procedure done by pouring of medicated oils, butter milk etc. over the forehead and scalp. It is recommended in psychological disorders, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, stress as well as in various hair and scalp related conditions. (hairfall, dandruff etc)
4. Shirobasti:
Procedure – It is a Panchakarma procedure where medicated oil is retained on the scalp of patient by using special instrument over a specific period of time. It is useful in hair loss, graying of hair, chronic headache, insomnia, diseases of skull.
5. Tarpanam:
Procedure – It is a Panchakarma procedure which is beneficial for eyes where medicated ghee is retained over eyes for a specific amount of time. This procedure is conducted under supervision of specialist with thorough care. It is useful in the ailments of the eyes like myopia, hypermetropia etc.
6. Kati Basti:
Procedure - The medicated oil is poured over the lumbo sacral area and retained inside a dam made out of specially prepared dough for 30 – 45 minutes followed by gentle massage on the lower back. This procedure is helpful in various lower spine related diseases.
7. Janu Basti:
Procedure – A dam made of specially prepared dough is made over the affected knee joint. Medicated oil is poured and retained for 30-45 minutes followed by gentle massage, useful in various painful conditions of knee joint and degenerative diseases involving knee joint. .
8. Nadi Sweda:
Procedure – Medicated sudation is given by special instrument on the affected area. Useful in osteo arthritis, paralysis, polio myelitis, all vata related disorders, asthma, cough, facial paralysis, sciatica, spondylitis, back ache.
9. Pinda Sweda:
Procedure – Medicated sudation with help of potalli made up of leaves and oil is given on the affected area, useful in neurological ailments and in the management of different pains.
10. Shashti-Shali Pindasweda:
Procedure – It is a type of pinda swedana in which pottalli is prepared with shashti rice, and milk and herbs useful in neurological ailments, myopathy, neuropathy etc.
11. Kayaseka:
Procedure - Pouring of medicated oils over whole body in a unique way. It is indicated in some forms of arthritis, paralysis and other neurological disorders.
12. Annalepana:
Procedure - Application and massage of medicated paste all over the body. It is done especially in neurological disorders of children.

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