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  • Ayurveda
    Ayurveda means AYU and VEDA which depicts science of life and is the oldest medical system of India. Ayurveda is gaining worldwide acceptance & popularity because of its fundamentals proved appropriate in managing the ailments of modern life style.

    The features of a healthy person is described in Ayurveda as an individual whose Doshas are in equilibrium, the Agni and Dhatus in a balanced state with normal functions of Malas and possessing pleasant state of Atma, Indirya and Mana.
    The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the physical, mental and spiritual health of a healthy person and also to manage the illnesses by holistic approach.
    For maintaining the health various regimes are been advocated in Ayurvedic lexicons like Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Achara Rasayana etc where they explain life style & diet specified as per individuals and seasons... more
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  • Suvarnaprashana Suvarna Prashana is one of the 16 essential rituals described in Ayurveda for children. This is a process in which Suvarna (purified gold) is administered with herbs, ghee and honey in liquid or semisolid form. Suvarna Prashan can be given to age group of 0-16yrs. It can be done daily early in the morning, or at least on every Pushya Nakshatra – an auspicious day- which happens to come after every 27 days, given on this day it bestows excellent benefits... more
  • Panchakarma
    Pancha refers to five and karma refers to the therapy that brings about homeostasis by way of evacuation of accumulated Dosha. Panchakarma can be administered both in a healthy, as well as the diseased person. When a healthy person undergoes Panchakarma, it has a preventive, restorative, and rejuvenative effect on the body .In the diseased person it helps in detoxification and bringing about the equilibrium state of health... more
Health Tips: Na Ragaannapya Vidyaanaadaahaaramupayojayet | Parokhshya Hitamashniyaadeho Hyaharasambhav || Do not take food by passion or by ignorance. Food has to be assessed for its wholesomeness before consumption as human body is resultant of food that we consume.
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